Top Tips To Help Get Your Next Mobile Phone

No Credit Check Mobile Phones

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At NCCM we have spent the last few years helping thousands of our website visitors who were looking for no credit check mobile phone contracts.

Our approach has been to pull together all of the advice that exists about what the mobile phone companies are looking for when they decide to provide a mobile phone on a ‘no credit check’ basis.

The reality is that very few mobile phone retailers are going to provide you with a mobile phone contract without a credit check nowadays. Don’t despair though – we have some smart hints and tips about what you can do to get a mobile even if you have a poor credit score!

Obviously the best thing to do is to build up your credit scores over time. Or you could do something which builds up your credit rating at the same time with a mobile phone provider – like choose a Pay Monthly deal with T-Mobile and show that you can and do make the regular monthly payments.

***Follow the top tips listed below and our website visitors report that you will significantly increase your chances of getting a mobile phone contract***

At the moment we recommend applying direct to the following major mobile companies:


Cut out the middle man and go straight to the major mobile phone companies.

Why? This is because they have different credit scoring policies to the high street retailers and we know from experience that many people successfully get a mobile phone contract this way when searching for no credit check mobile contracts.

Apply online!

Why? The best deals are just about always available online because the mobile phone provider has lower costs whenever they acquire a customer online – no expensive shops and no expensive call centres are involved when dealing with people who want no credit check phones.

Initially go for a SIM only monthly contract to show that you are a reliable customer and make sure that you have enough money in your account to pay the mobile bill each month.

Why? Mobile phone retailers are much, much more likely to agree to give someone a contract who is looking for no credit check phone contracts with a poor credit history if they have direct experience of them as a reliable customer.

Be flexible. Perhaps start with a lower cost handset on a monthly contract rather than go for the latest expensive model.

Why? Mobile phone retailers are much happier to give people lower cost handsets on no credit check mobile deals because they have a much lower risk of things going wrong and ending up out of pocket. You then once again also have the benefit of building up your credit score over the months with them as well, which will make it easier to get a more expensive model at a later date.